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What is ICT?
 Hi I would like to introduce to the beginning of how ICT is developing in Poland. But before I want to show a video explaining what is ICT :)

Computers in the world have already appeared in the XIX century. In Poland, the first computer appeared in 1958, he's name was XYZ. In the 90tyh Internet for good reappear in Polish homes. For many people, this was something new and surprising

My childhood coincided with the period. When I remember the past I see how much of that time the Internet  is different from the present as well as computers. Once, when it was a computer and the Internet on the estate was to be someone important and now the Internet and a computer is essential in every home. With the continuous development of technology we can use a variety of amenities, such as downloading a movie, music or by contacting the various social networking sites with friends. Life has become much easier thanks to ICT. 


 ICT not only helps us in everyday life. Schools also benefit from this technology every day. What children and young people gain by it? Thanks to have the ability to quickly learn. Their skills are developed. Children and young people can learn about different cultures and above all their education has become easier. They can still deepen their knowledge and in addition they can teach their parents.

We may still be active in social, political, without leaving home. At the present time there is no person that does't use the Internet in order to check something, buy or play a game. But ...

  1. Do such constant use of the Internet is good?
  2. Are we people do not fall into addiction?
  3. Is power the Internet and anonymous is that we are gives us the right to hurt others?
  4. Who is most vulnerable to the impact of the Internet people older or young people?

These and other questions are important. Why?
You will know soon   ;) 
These questions are important in the subject, who wants to start. For now, I ask you to think about these questions

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