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???What is the : Intellectual Property ???

Intellectual Property (the right to intangible assets) - a term covering parts of the various departments of law, rules governing the use of so-called. intellectual property. In various jurisdictions, the term is understood more or less widely, in Poland, mostly to intellectual property rights include copyright regulations (under civil law) and the Patent and Trademark Office (within the industrial property rights). In some countries, intellectual property also includes trade secrets.

This understanding of intellectual property law gives eligible individuals the opportunity to prevent another full use of songs, concepts or characters which are the subject of protection.

 This definition is open to all. For me, intellectual property is the right to have something of his, that of copyright. Without them, everyone could take such as Coca Cola and say that it was his idea. Develop business with this brand come true owner would suffer. His earnings would have decreased and the product could have a worse opinion.
Here watch this interesting video copyright:

 The new film raises an interesting question. Is today the rights are violated?
On this subject I will write as soon :)

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