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Information Privacy

What is Information Privacy?

Information Privacy for me it means so much that if I have some data and we collect them on your computer,they are granted the right only I would have enjoyed.
here you have a nice film about Information privacy.
 A good example is my job. A year ago I worked in a call centermy task was to obtain the client's data and signingcontracts with themon your computer, write down the different data. When I left the jobdata were removed so that no one else had access to them. As well I could go to a competitor of that data and give it to them for a fee. If I did so I had big problem's.

Our data on different pages can help a person to evil purposes. Someone can steal your identity.  I I found an interesting video in which a young man steals data and wypowida others on this subject.
Today, our data is not secure on the network. Everyone has access to them, so thateveryone can afford us. You'll hear the case on television, I took credit that someonecome do not even know. Are we safe?
It depends only on us tallingIf the type of our class pages, facebook, etc. we will not putanything specific data will not be threatened usAlso, if we get suspicious enamels in which they write that we have won something and ask us for detailswe should not be left blank.

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